Fundamental advice

It's okay if you don't understand clothes, we'll help you!

Do you want to dress stylishly, according to your your body type, personal style or any occasion, but you…
– Not sure what suits you?
– Don’t know what or when to wear?
– Finding it hard to understand different sizes?
– Feeling lost during looking for new clothes?
– Need to shorten your trousers or jacket sleeves?
– Can’t find a good tailor who can speak english and can adjust them to your size?”

In our store, we pay special attention to the customer experience! We help everyone to find the best-fitting clothes, the perfect size and cut. We assess what you need with a few questions, and then recommend pieces or combinations from the current collection that match your ideas.

“Save time and energy with us!
Find your perfect look quickly and easily with expert help.”

- Gréta, store owner

Personal style consultation

This service is available by appointment, so we can focus solely on you

We recommend a personal consultation with detailed advice if you need help to:
– assemble a complete attire for an important occasion,
– creating a capsule wardrobe,
– if you feel that your current style doesn’t reflect your personality and professionalism.

About the process...

We will meet at the agreed time and in all cases start with a chat to get to know you a little! Here you can explain why you need a consultation, what you want to achieve with your outfit, what you want to change, what occasion you want to dress up for.

Reflecting your expectations and bodytype, we will put together your new look with the best fitting colour and cut!

“It’s great to experience how your appearance can influence the way you are perceived by those around you”

Gréta Molnár,  business owner          

Garment customization

For the perfect fit of the chosen garment

Have you found the right piece, but need to customize it?
If the chosen pants, shirt, or jacket doesn’t fit perfectly to your body, if the lenght of the legs or sleeves are too long, or the waistline is too loose they need to be tailored, we have the solution! We can fold and pin it according to your shape, take it to a seamstress and you can pick up the customized garment in our store.

If you want to consult with an expert about the possibilities about the customization, or if you want to transform another piece of clothing, we can recommend a professional place. You can visit personally our partner tailor shop in the neighborhood, where the English language is not a problem.


You can contact them here:

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