What does casual mean?

A summary name for the style of everyday clothes, everything that is more elegant than a jogger and less formal than a formal suit.

The essence of an understatedly elegant and comfortable casual look. The best choice if you don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed at an event. Much more permissive than business casual, sophisticated and casual at the same time.
It cleverly combines classic men’s wardrobe elements with modern solutions and slightly more sporty pieces, so the end result is a relaxed, light, yet attractive and masculine outfit.

It is built from a wide color palette and diverse garments. Accessories are also given a lot of emphasis, with the help of which our outfit can be easily repositioned on the formal-informal scale.

 It is important what you wear and where.
Always dress appropriately for the occasion, in accordance with the given circumstances. 


Are you unsure of the appropriate style of clothing if there is no reference to the event’s dress code in the invitation?
Search for image galleries and videos of previous or similar events on the Internet and get inspired! Also, the location and time of the event and the visual appearance of the invitation can also provide a good clue!

Suggestions for smart casual style