About us

  The meaning of the name:



bono ·/ˈbɔ.no/ italian slang.

Meaning: handsome, attractive, good-looking, charming.

/che bono sei/ How handsome you are!

Our philosophy

Shopping for men simply, quickly, efficiently

It is important for us that all of our products can be combined well with the rest of the collection and any piece you find in our store. We select our collection with special attention in each season, this allows us to help you find everything in one place when you need a complete wardrobe update. We help you choose the most suitable pieces for every occasion. Every man can dress up from head to toe at BONO.

Save time and energy with us!
Get all your clothes and accessories from one store with expert help.”

- Gréta, store owner

Do you need some help?

All of our products can be well paired with the other elements of the current collection, so it is easy to build a timeless wardrobe that can be used to the maximum and can be combined practically. If you don’t know what suits you, where to wear or how to choose these certain basic pieces, we will help you!

If you want to select your capsule wardrobe, formal or casual outfit with professional expertise, make an appointment for a personal consultation in our Budapest store!

Our story

BONO is a family business


Our story started in Pécs in 2008, where our first men’s clothing store was born and then quite a few years later we opened our second one in Budapest in Corvin Plaza with a similar profile. The boutique in the capital is much more compact than its brother in the countryside, but here we can dress you up from head to toe! Each season we select the current collection in such a that our offer is versatile and varied.




2008- We opened the first BONO in Pécs


Our store in Pécs mainly offers more elegant pieces


2019 – We expanded with a Budapest store


In the new store, there is an equal proportion of formal and casual style clothing


Iratkozzon fel hírlevelünkre mielőtt menne!